Music’s Powerful Force in Healing Trauma

Last August I met Kristina. She became a "fast friend" and immediately began impacting my life for the better. Her work with small companies, her knowledge of finance and business - (Did I mention that she was a musician?) - but also a financial executive who knew how to take small companies and make them BIG - made her the perfect guest speaker for our annual International Board Retreat. The incredible impact and iconic transformation that resulted from her influence is just beginning to be felt as we navigate 2023.

Then she introduced me to another "out of the box" thinker - one who worked "unconventionally." Some of our approaches resonated with each other. His passion to reach out to refugees, orphans, victims of discrimination, prejudice, and inequality, and those with special needs - it grabbed my attention.

I was introduced to Dennis Wiens - an "Unconventional Minister '' who shares a passion for the non-traditional - the "We've never done it this way . . . " and those who see the injustices of a culture or society as an "opportunity thinker." Dennis hosts a podcast called "Unconventional Ministries," and he invited me to have a conversation. Whether you've ever heard of Music Camp International or not . . . grab a cup of coffee or tea - click the link - and take 20 minutes to think "unconventionally."