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Giving Success and Significance to Children Through the Magic of Music

Imagine the magic of an environment where children with no previous musical training were able to play instruments and sing in four languages accompanied by a symphonic orchestra in just six days.

This is the story of Music Camp International and Connie Fortunato’s work throughout Ukraine and Romania. For two decades, educators, musicians, parents, and teachers have observed her children’s choir rehearsals and Music Camps both in the United States and overseas, and asked, “How does she do that?” How is it possible to achieve so much in such a short time? And how is it that all children have such a good time?”

In this book, Connie is sharing not only her heart, but her transformational “secrets” along with her research and applied methodologies to enable others to do the same. In this book you will discover that:

  • These concepts are transferable to other disciplines as well since they are linked into the way a young person's brain develops.
  • Motivation means that youth are inspired to set high goals and then work hard to achieve them.
  • An environment of mutual respect, inclusion, and celebration of others is vital for success.
  • A program must be tied together with imagination, creativity, high energy, and unlimited encouragement.

For all who would energize their teaching, learn new concepts, and work tirelessly to make the world a better place for all—but especially young people—this book is a “must!”