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Music Camp International is proud to present our first virtual international children’s choir concert: HOPE Reborn!

More than 60 children from Romania and Ukraine took part in this virtual event.

All the way from Kharkiv in the northeast corner of Ukraine down through the war zone—through Kyiv and Kryvyi Rig (where we had been scheduled to have Music Camp in late March), through Romania—Cluj, Brașov, Iași, and Bucharest–all the way to the Black Sea.

Members from the MCI team in Romania and Ukraine joined our project. Their participation is what made it all work! The results are going to be BIGGER than we expected and we are so happy!

The primary goal of the project is at the heart of Music Camp International’s mission to give dignity, hope, and self-confidence to all children and help each of them discover that they are talented and more capable than they think. Music Camp becomes a living laboratory of social transformation. Children learn not only notes and sounds, they learn to believe in themselves, to not be afraid of discovering new things and to work in a team.

The children learned four songs, Cantar!, Gonna Build a Mountain, Let My People Go, and You Raise Me Up. Rehearsals were conducted by American director, Constance Fortunato. The performance is accompanied by players from various philharmonic orchestras from Ukraine, Romania, and America.

After eight days of rehearsals, each of the participants recorded their own singing on the camera. Now, after the painstaking process of combining all the video files, the impressive concert will be broadcast online.

Our greatest thanks go to each of you who shared in this project! Look for more to come! We will announce our next project during the concert!

Everyone did great work and we are so eager to show it to the world!

Music has an amazing way of bringing people together, of overcoming the negative with the positive, and of giving hope in this time of crisis. Join us for HOPE Reborn!