Transforming Youth, Communities, and Countries Through the Power of Music.


Transforming Youth

Because music integrates all parts of the brain, many young people that have difficulty in traditional academics excel in music. And because we provide a unique approach to learning, young people with special needs are able to be integrated into the program.

Young people from orphanages and foster homes, as well as youth with physical challenges, are all able to work together with youth from traditional backgrounds and learning approaches to achieve the success that music gives. The dignity given to each young person, regardless of social or academic circumstances, is a gift that transforms them for life.



Music Camp is a dynamic week of music rehearsals and classes for young people. A day at camp includes a choir for all students where they sing everything from classics to national music, international music, contemporary anthems, and spirituals – always in multiple languages. In addition, each student has two electives where they are taught instruments like guitar, violin, cello, hand chimes, handbells, recorder, and clarinet from highly qualified teachers.

For many young people, Music Camp is their first chance to play or even hold a musical instrument. MCI is providing life-changing opportunities to youth in all sectors of their community – impacting social, educational, psychological, and societal transformation.


And Countries

Teacher Training Emphasizes Love and Encouragement!

Our specialized music teachers are trained to provide a nurturing, positive environment for the students. Because people learn in many different ways, the unique methods used in Music Camp are a combination of approaches–each designed to help the person discover the music within and express it with confidence and poise.

Annual seminars train new teachers in these unique approaches and give experienced teachers the opportunity to renew their credentials. Training opportunities keep teachers current with the latest research and teachers that are certified by Music Camp International qualify to receive a stipend for their volunteer work. The skills and experience these teachers receive in Music Camps are empowering them to establish new methods and approaches not only in music but in all areas of education throughout their country.


Through the Power of Music.

Music is a powerful force in individual development – academically, emotionally, and socially. Participating in the choir and instrumental ensembles builds community, communication, and compassion. It heals young people from trauma and gives them hope and self-confidence. In our global world of conflicts, pandemics, and upheaval, music is the one thing that has the power to transform youth, communities, and countries. It helps young people excel, it inspires them to reach for the stars and motivates them to work together to achieve something no one can achieve alone. Music Camp is not a competition but a collaboration, celebrating the talents of each student to strengthen the success of all.